In 2017, ALLCAN Distributors will complete its 40th year of serving the wireless industry in Canada. In reflecting upon this achievement in an age of technological proliferation and rapid change, I was asked to comment on the question “..what makes ALLCAN resilient and a market force?”

On the one hand, we have kept pace with the times. Our products and services have evolved to keep our clients on the forefront of technology hardware and related services. On the other hand, we have worked hard to retain an old fashioned level of personal service and connection to our clients that is certainly the exception in our industry. To summarize:

  1. People. Our Team is experienced and have passion for the industry. Our Sales Team has over 150 years of combined experience. They know the industry and have the ability to understand client needs in order to provide products, services and solutions that make sense. They are supported by a large state-of-the art distribution facility in Edmonton and the convenience of on-line ordering.
  2. In-Stock. Our next business day fill rateis over 94%: meaning that orders are shipped the next business day 94% of the time. Our fulfilment strategies are more rigorously organized and planned from the outset. Fast delivery means several things for our clients; faster inventory cycling, reduced inventory investment, improved project turnaround times and more profit.
  3. Value Added Services. In addition to parts and hardware, ALLCAN provides a full range of value added services including certified2 repair and warranty services, installation, preventative maintenance programs, rentals, professional engineering/design services and jobber programs. This means that our clients can utilize ALLCAN as a radio “superstore” that provides one stop sourcing of both hardware.
  4. Products. ALLCAN distributes manufacturer lines that represent the best in value and technology. MOTOROLA Accessories, VERTEX Radios, SINCLAIR Antennas, TRYON Towers, PTC Power Solutions, etc. In addition we provide custom cabling solutions that can help source difficult to find cables and greatly reduce order lead times.
  5. Attitude. We care about our clients and our reputation. We care about service, about being helpful and about investing in our clients’ success. We provide products, service and advice that make our clients successful and in doig so, drive our own success.

1 – Excluding special order and serialized order goods.

2 – Warranty/Repair Centre for VERTEX, G-Wave, Motorola, HARRIS, Etc.

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