In the Internet Age the vast majority of Allcan’s suppliers have made available a wealth of online tools and resources to enable the consumer to educate themselves like never before.  From specs to white pages, case studies to customer profiles, blogs to tutorials, it has become increasingly easy for the end user to find significant, pertinent information to steer them in their decision making process.

Vertex Standard has recently revamped their online presence, debuting a number of customer-centric learning tools, the most formidable of which is their COMPARE RADIOS tool.

The Vertex Standard Compare Radios page identifies 7 key criteria for selecting the proper radio for your specific requirements:

  1. Battery Life: There is often a trade-off between battery life and the availability of features. The more features you employ, the higher the drain on the battery. This tab asks you to consider which might be more important to your organization when considering Vertex Standard radios.
  2. Water Resistance: Any portable two way radio is going to be exposed to the elements to some degree. Vertex Standard provides parameters to consider in regards to the exposure to moisture in the daily usage of the radios. Sometimes a larger investment in the initial price for higher resistance and durability can pay dividends in less downtime or repairs down the road.
  3. Privacy: Most two way radio users have varied needs when it comes to the need for discreet communications. Some mission critical communications need to kept entirely private, while general workflow chatter may not require as much security. This tab will help guide your decision.
  4. Audio Performance: There can be a substantial variance in the type and quality of audio performance required, even on the same job site. Supervisors and managers may have different needs than factory floor workers or equipment operators. Vertex Standard will help guide you through your decision based on ambient sound conditions and types of communication performed.
  5. Budget: A primary concern, staying within budgetary constraints is often the highest priority for our customers. Vertex Standard offers two way radios a variety of price points and features that can meet your needs.
  6. Safety Features: Vertex Standard offers a broad range of safety features designed to mitigate risk for the user. From emergency alerts to lone worker monitoring, from intrinsically safe to man down features, to lost connection alerts and connection monitoring by radio ID, Vertex Standard has the features to keep you working safely.
  7. Convenience: Lastly, the ability to choose options specific to your unique working conditions and requirements. Vertex Standard offers the ability to send text messages, record audio, operate in both analog and digital, and multiple site connectivity, just to name a few.

Allcan would like to encourage you to check out Vertex Standard’s COMPARE RADIOS page. The information provided there is an excellent starting point for the decision making process regarding two way radio purchases. While the resources therein are excellent, Allcan is also available to answer any questions you might have, and are happy to help in any way we can. Also, stay tuned for my next post on using online tools!

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