Allcan Distributors is proud to partner with Sensear,  a global leader in developing and manufacturing best-in-class digital over-the-ear and in-the-ear headsets for use with two way radio and Bluetooth communication devices. Allcan’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the current demands of the radio communications market with products of the highest quality is reflected in its alignment Sensear, whose constant innovations in hearing protection are the result of partnering with some of the worlds leading companies and helping them solve their high noise communication challenges.

Sensear’s expertise in hearing protection is unparalleled, and they have identified 5 keys to minimizing hearing loss on the job:

  1. Meet Legal Guidelines – Companies should always meet federal and state or provincial regulations regarding acceptable levels of noise in a work environment. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) provides detailed information on their website regarding workplace regulations.
  2. Keep Machinery in Top Working Order – Tools and machines that aren’t working properly sometimes produce loud and unpleasant noise. Keeping machines lubricated and all maintenance updated may help reduce noise levels.
  3. Plan Ahead– Whenever there are projects in the workplace that require heavy machinery or tools that produce high levels of noise it’s important to build sound barriers whenever possible. These types of barriers and walls can be placed between the work area and other employees. It’s also recommended to schedule noisier jobs when fewer people are around.
  4. Provide Hearing Screenings– Companies should provide regular hearing screenings for those employees that work in loud areas. Hearing loss can be subtle and employees may be losing their hearing for several years before there are any noticeable changes. Some symptoms of hearing loss after noise exposure include buzzing in the ears and hearing people talk but having difficulty understanding what they are saying.
  5. Use Hearing Protection– It’s important to select the proper hearing protection and then make sure it’s used in the most effective manner. There are a variety of wireless communication devices that are Bluetooth® compatible and still provide hearing protection. There are several brands, such as Kenwood, Motorola, and Sonim, that offer compatible in-ear plugs or over-the-ear headset protection that can be worn to prevent hearing loss among employees.  Remember – hearing loss is permanent and hearing protection is needed in many occupations, locations and applications you might not immediately consider as hazardous.

“Protecting hearing is an important part of staying healthy and enjoying a productive life. It’s important to be aware of the many occupations that can potentially damage hearing. Every business should invest in the proper equipment in order to safeguard employees from unnecessary hearing loss.” – Justin Genest, Sensear

Allcan Distributors carries a wide range of Sensear products, providing a wide variety of smart in-ear plugs, and over-the-ear headsets, and even group tour headsets for occupational use. Whether employees need headset-to-headset communication, Bluetooth®capable single and even double-protection PPE (personal protective equipment), or headsets that connect to both analog and digital radios, Allcan Distributors and Sensear offer several options for optimal integrated communication while providing hearing protection. Contact Allcan today, for the latest information on Sensear products!

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