The Trylon Titan Tower is Allcan’s most popular communications tower, and is a favourite in light duty applications including: telemetry, satellite TV, wireless LAN, wireless internet, mobile radio and amateur applications. The Titan is a versatile, modular, pre-engineered tower that requires a minimal footprint and is available in heights ranging from 4.8 to 29m (16 to 96 feet).

Trylon Towers

· Self-Support (free-standing)
· 45” face width
· “Survival” Tower Line
· Maximum height at minimum cost
· Ships assembled in 8ft sections to minimize installation and assembly time
· Ships nested to minimize freight cost
· Maximum height: 96ft
· Section height: 8ft

The Titan Difference

· Maximum height, minimum cost self-support option
· Tower ships assembled
· 96ft tower ships on one skid

About Trylon

Trylon specializes in developing, supplying and building wireless networks and in-building telecommunications systems and infrastructural support for energy production and transmission.

With 80 years of experience, both in Canada and internationally, Trylon has a proven track record for delivering innovative solutions and complete end-to-end project management and execution for their clients.

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