Many operations need the ability to keep their employees connected across multiple networks and devices. There is also a growing need to extend commercial LMR beyond the geographic areas that radio systems typically cover. With the decommissioning of iDEN networks in 2016 throughout Canada and the USA, many organizations are migrating to PTT over broadband LTE networks. Furthermore they’re not only looking to increase their coverage on PTT voice, but also many LTE applications are emerging that are necessary to daily operations. These can include everything from situation awareness and real time location tracking & mapping, broadband video, to RFID, workforce management, and more.

PTT applications now operate in the cloud, and can be made interoperate with LMR systems and dispatch consoles through IP interfaces such as ISSI and CSSI gateways. PTT Android or IOS smart devices are now commercially available that enable many of these applications, with PTT Voice still positioned as the cornerstone application (although software based) and in many cases pre-loaded in the smart device.

The current device offerings are in a state of flux, and will change sharply over the next few years. This  will lead to many opportunities for LMR device manufacturers to service the growing need for LTE enabled radio devices with Android-like operating systems that appear to be the future of the technology.

Allcan Distributors is in the process of developing several offerings to meet this emerging market, and are happy to discuss our solutions based products that service this technology. You can contact me personally using the form below, or reach us through our website.

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